DIY Faux Floating Shelves

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  • 01/28/21

Hey Friends! As you know, we recently moved to Georgia and I am currently in the process of getting my life house together. I have been focusing on our lower level first, as I spend the most time downstairs and that is the part that my guests see (unless they’re staying the night). So in the spirit of decorating downstairs, I decided to hang some DIY aux floating shelves in my half-bathroom. These were the perfect inexpensive addition to this space because they add so much character to an otherwise boring space.


  1. Large Sanding Tool and sand paper

  2. Wood Stain (Minwax Wood Finish– Special Walnut)

  3. 2 4″ Corner Braces for each shelf (4 altogether)

  4. Dry wall anchors

  5. 3/4″ Wood Screws

  6. 2x10x10 piece of wood cut to your desired length

  7. Black spray paint

  8. Laser Level (you can also use a regular level)

Step One: Sand

Sanding is super important as it smooths and opens the surface of the wood and reduces streaking of the stain. I do not have a sanding machine so I used a manual sander by 3M. Sand all of the corners and edges at an angle to give them a rounded, worn look. Wipe all of the excess sanded wood off with a cloth or an old t-shirt.

Step Two: Stain

Follow the directions on the can of your stain for this step. I painted the stain on with a paintbrush I got from Dollar Tree. Stroke the stain on with the grain of the wood to prevent streaking. Do not wear anything you love during this step because if you are anything like me, you will get stain EVERYWHERE. I thought one coat of stain was sufficient. You may use however many you like to achieve your desired look; however, follow the directions on the can of your stain to apply the stain effectively. Let the stain dry overnight (or over the next couple of days) before you hang the shelves. The stain needs to set and the smell is pretty strong. I suggest putting the wood outside to air out. I did not seal the wood because they would not be getting handled too much. Sealing is totally up to you.

Step Three: Paint Brackets

Remove any labels from the surface of the bracket. There was a little residue left after I removed the sticker so I applied Goo Gone and soaked them in warm soapy water until I was able to rub the stickiness off. I then spray painted my brackets in a (mostly) dark garage at night. That was super silly of me! =] Spray paint your brackets evenly and allow them ample time to dry.

Hang Your Shelves

Step 1&2: Determine the placement of shelves

For this step, I used my beloved laser level by Ryobi. Here is a link to a similar level. It suctions to the wall to allow you to do other things (like hang painters tape) while you see your line. It is my new favorite tool because I am a crazy leveler and I always have my hands full when I am trying to complete a project. I suctioned my level to the wall and hung painters tape where the shelves would go so I could see what the best arrangement would be before they were hung. I played with the arrangement a few times before I was able to settle on something that I liked.

Step 3&4: Hang brackets

Measure to insure the placement is equidistant on both sides of the wall and shelf. Search for a stud with a stud finder. I couldn’t find a stud so I used dry wall anchors that hold up to 75lbs per anchor (like these) Follow the directions on your anchors and screw the brackets into the wall.

Step 5: Hang shelves on brackets

Measure and place your shelves onto the brackets use a drill to screw the nails into the wood.

Step 6: Decorate

My favorite part!




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